Our Final Newsletter

Dear friends,

I write to you today with mixed feelings of pride in our achievements over the last 26 years, gratitude to you - our supporters, donors, and stakeholders - and sadness that all good things come to an end.

You will remember that we appealed for your help in 2015, after the loss of several long-term donors hit us just as the Gaza conflict broke out, and led to cancellations from overseas visitors. Your help enabled us to continue the work we do, building bridges between communities. However, the current political climate in Israel and abroad has made it difficult to raise the funds required to keep our programs going. We have made the difficult decision that our work must be carried forward by others in new homes.

Our silence over the past six months was necessary while we explored every avenue to enable our activities to continue within different organizations and by individuals. Our main programs have found new homes, and we hope that you will continue to follow and support them in what, we hope, will be a bright future for the programs.

Ofer Lior has for many years coordinated our Young Leaders and Neighbors programs, which bring young Jews and Arabs together to strengthen Israel's diversity. Ofer has adopted the program as a private enterprise. You may contact him directly to arrange a seminar or receive additional updates: ofer1lior@gmail.com.

Sigalit Ur, who has been involved in so many areas of our activities, is continuing the Pluralistic Judaism activities such as batei midrash, educational tourism, organizing FestivaLimud, and the local group of the 929: Tanakh B'yachad program. She may be reached at sigalitur@yahoo.com for further information or to receive additional updates.

Our flagship Galilee Circus will renew its activities in the fall in a new home. We will announce details as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can contact the circus team at galileecircus@gmail.com.

I also want to publicly thank our devoted staff, which has developed and run these meaningful programs through good times and lean periods. Thank you to Aliza Haviv, who kept the office running smoothly, and to Michael Levitt, who maintained communication with our supporters, and to other educators who passed through the Foundation over the years. And a special thank you to Rabbi Dr Marc Rosenstein, Executive Director for two decades until his retirement in 2013. He has continued to assist us since then, both with sage advice and in donating speaking fees to us on more than one occasion. I thank our board, which has put in many hours of hard work and heartache to find solutions that preserve the legacy programs of the organization while closing the Foundation in an orderly way.

If you have a confirmed booking with one of the activities of the Foundation please be assured that this news does not affect any arrangements made. 

And finally, I thank you all once again for your support over many years.

Yours ever,
Sue Reiss
Chair of the Board
Galilee Foundation for Value Education